Topband: How'd you measure that?

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  N2EA asked:

  >>Bill Tippett, W4ZV, of New London, NC correctly copied code word OMAHA from
  >>the N2XE beacon transmitting with a peak carrier power of .0000406 watts.
  >Let's see, here.... that would be 40.6 microwatts.   Which means you can
  >measure one tenth of a microwatt, with some unannounced accuracy.
  >Not that I question your assertion...but for the instrumentation guys
  >among us, or merely the curious...  How'd you do that?
  >And how do you know you're right

  I do not understand the problem measuring low power. Certainly we do not do it with a Bird, but we make receiver measurements in the microwatt range all the time with little question. There are many instruments that measure RF voltage accurately, and if we know impedance (which is not hard to determine) presto we have the power. 
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