Topband: Re: Topband conditions last night

Paul and Abbi Elliott paab at
Fri Jan 7 18:11:54 EST 2005

Some of the "little pistols" might be interested in a comparison of 
conditions on 160m last night as seen from a good QTH location and one from 
a city lot.

N5UL is about 8 miles from my city lot (120' x 120').  He is in the country 
(read that as quieter) and has multiple beverages.  I have four receiving 
antennas, an 8' diameter tuned loop with a common mode choke betwee coax 
and loop, a 12' diameter untuned loop with common mode choke between coax 
and loop, a N-S unterminated wire about 110' long and 2' off the ground 
(and about 6" from and parallel to, a cinder block fence, and fed unmatched 
with coax), and an E-W unterminated 110' long wire on the ground connected 
to the coax through a matching transformer and common mode choke.  My 
earlier attempt to use a pair of phased short verticals floundered when the 
first vertical constructed picked up too much noise.

You have seen the list of stations that Charles heard last night.  I was 
able to work (just barely able to copy on peaks) LY3UM--a new one--and 
HA5JI.  Was able to copy an occasional letter from one of the YL's but 
never enough to read.

I have no illusions that I can run with the big dogs--but am not yet ready 
to sit on the porch. I have 142 countries confirmed on 160m--and two more 
worked for which I need QSL's.

I have benefited greatly from the information submitted to this reflector 
from talented people.  My thanks to you.

I will be happy to share what I have learned about receiving antennas on 
small lots.  Example: I never had any success with small loops made of RG58 
or RG59 coax,very good results with those made with 1" hardline.  See 
W9UCW's article in June 1977 QST.  Please send all inquiries direct to me.

Paul W5DM
A ham since 1937

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