Topband: Europe at last

Rick Karlquist richard at
Sun Jan 9 02:14:41 EST 2005

Great condx last night in Galt in central CA.  First ever Euro's heard here,
and two were worked: OO4UN and OM3BH.  EA3JE was considerably
stronger, but didn't seem to be able to hear the west coast.
Euros were heard here from about 0615 to 0645, then fading out
as 0700 approached.  We could hear the midwest and east coast
working EU from around 0300, but nothing from EU was audible here until
0615.  Several hours of monitoring the band finally paid off.

OO4UN was also heard on 75 meters just before
0700 with an amazing armchair copy signal running a huge pileup.

Antennas here:  TX: 90 ft vertical, RX: 400 ft beverage at 30 degrees.

Rick N6RK

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