Topband: ? Key-clicks FT1000MK-V field ?

Michael Tope W4EF at
Tue Jan 18 11:34:49 EST 2005

>          From my interactions with Yaesu, I'm not so sure ANYONE there
> acknowledges there is a problem.  I'm afraid the only thing which will
> speak to Yaesu is $$$$...otherwise known as lost sales.  Fortunately
> there are other alternatives to companies who ignore their customers.
> Based on the FT-1000/D/MP/MkV/Field history of ignoring customers'
> complaints about keyclicks (~16 years and counting), I believe Yaesu may
> be heading the same way Kenwood headed in the late 1980's.  Arrogance and
> ignoring customer input is a sure road to failure in any market, which
> always has the final say on customer satisfaction issues.  Yaesu's
> is simply puzzling, considering most Japanese companies' fanatical
> to Deming, TQC, etc., ALL of which preach customer satisfaction above all.
>                                                  73,  Bill  W4ZV
> P.S.  It will be VERY interesting to see if the 9000 has keyclicks!

Everyone who buys a Ten-Tec Orion or other alternative should mail
Yaesu a copy of their sales invoice and a little note saying "this could
have been yours, but since you don't listen to your customers I was
forced to go elsewhere". If that doesn't get their attention then they
deserve to lose market share.

The other alternative would be to get some organization like NCDXF
to sponsor a full page ad in QST complaining about the problem.
Then instead of being a problem uniquely known to the "non-existent"
CW operators, everyone would know about Yaesu's "customer
focused" marketing.

73 de Mike, W4EF...........................

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