Topband: Economics of 160 meters

wa4fki wa4fki at
Wed Jan 19 14:15:59 EST 2005

I agree with N7RT's comments. I really wonder how many operators there are that use 160 meters CW over a week. I was really shocked when I turned on the receiver during the last two 160 meter contests. Then on non contest time band is pretty dead except those trying to work DX.

The earlier manufacturers like Drake, Hallicrafters and Hammarlund were not producing and 160 meter rigs as I can remember, but the Kenwood, Yaesu have produced rigs with 160 meters on them. 

Heathkit was one company that surprised me not producing much for 160 except the one SSB Transciever years ago.. 

I for one have found 160 to be very challenging band. For 50 years I have worked all bands except the "Top Band" but like it now. I call it a gentlemans band, open early morning then after most people get home after work... I like to think of it as a "Working Man's Band."


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