Topband: Shunt feed

Barrie Smith barrie at
Sun Jan 23 14:50:29 EST 2005

I have a 70', 18" face aluminum tower that I've wanted to shunt-feed for 160 
for a long time.  Since my 160 wire antenna was accidently pulled down by 
roofers last fall the shunt feed is very much on my mind.

There was an article in "Communications Quarterly" many years ago regarding 
shunt feed.  I saved it for a long time, but can no longer find it.

Anyone remember that article, or may still have it?

Are there more recent articles (cookbooks) that I could refer to?

There is nothing on the 70' tower, at the moment, so I have no top-loading. 
I intend to put a 40 meter beam there eventually, but not soon.

I've heard that a wire run from the top of the tower could serve as 

I'm pretty close to half-smart when it comes to 6M antennas, but am quite 
lost on this subject, so I need more than a little help!

Barrie, W7ALW 

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