Topband: Sunrise/Sunset Tables on the Internet

Doug Waller NX4D at
Thu Jan 27 12:12:40 EST 2005

>If you go to: one can see times for some 
>US, Canadian and major world wide cities.  Unfortunately, I do not think 
>this website will allow one to select a non US city of choice.  But, there 
>is a calculator link if you know Longitude and Latitude.  George K8GG

Thanks George....... for those using the DXBase logging program, just click 
View / City headings, for custom sunrise / sunset calculation of any 
worldwide city.  Many cities are already in the database, but one can 
permanently add any city, by going to the last line and entering the city 
and its lat/long.  DXBase also has a fine grayline calculator, listing any 
city in your database, at its twilight time.

This is a good Topband tool when stalking a station in a particular city.

73, Doug / NX4D 

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