Topband: K9AY, EWE and Pennant EZNEC Models

Tod - ID tod at
Wed Jul 27 22:50:37 EDT 2005

I wish to specifically thank Gary, K9AY; Bob, N5WG; Terry, N6RY; Ed, Ve3XZ;
Tom, W1TO; Paul, W8AEF; George, K8GG; Pete, N4ZR; Roy, W5TCX and Earl, K6SE
for so very quickly and generously providing me model files of various of
the antennas I enquired about.

I am off to the drawing board (more correctly the keyboard) to look at the
examples and benefit from their previous work.

It makes a fellow feel good to be part of the amateur fraternity knowing
that there are so many folks willing to assist someone else. Thanks again


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