Topband: Cattle and Beverages

Henry G. Elwell, Jr. elwell at
Thu May 5 21:26:44 EDT 2005

There is a physical problem with cows in a field with transmission 
lines/beverages high enough to be over the cows.  Cows take great 
delight in rubbing their necks against  support structures, and 
eventually the vibrations causes a malfunction in the lines.  They 
became such a great problem for me, that I had to run an electric fence 
wire high enough to clear the cows.  I   dropped 2-3 wires vertical 
around the 10 feet above ground 4x4 posts in a manner that the cows 
touched the hot wire before the posts: it worked the now cows take a 
wide detour around the posts.  Of course it may be necessary to switch 
off the electricity when you want to receive anything, but the noise 
blanker on the Orion completely eliminate the noise pulse here.

    While I have your attention, last year there was a suggestion  about 
laying lines and control cables on top of the ground rather than 
trenching them.  Having needed to replace a 450 foot control cable for 
my rotator, and not wanting to put the cable below ground surface 
because I'm lazy, I made sure the cable was reasonably taut, and just 
reeled it out so that it was laying on the ground.  I cut grass with a 3 
1/2 cutting height for the fall season.  This spring I cannot find the 
cable, and am no longer worried about cutting the grass over it.

73 Uncle Henry

Henry G. Elwell, Jr. - N4UH

Blessed are those who can give without remembering, and take without forgetting.

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