Topband: Topband Dinner at Dayton - WRTC 2006 Fundraising Activities K1ZM at
Thu May 12 10:59:21 EDT 2005

Hi George

Tks for asking.

Here's what I will doing as regards WRTC 2006 Fundraising at the Topband 
Dinner on Friday night at Dayton 2005:

1) Accepting donations/contributions for "WRTC 2006 - the Olympics of Amateur 
Radio" which will be held in July 2006 in Southern Brazil

2) Selling raffle chances for a complete WRTC 2006 travel package to the 
games - one winner, R/T coach travel, hotel, WRTC 2006 ticket pass and vouchers 
for WRTC public meals - value $2000 approx US - Chances are available for $10 
apiece - drawing at the Contest Dinner at Dayton on Saturday night.

3) Selling raffle chances on a NEW ACOM 1010 suitcase amp - Chances are 
available for $10 apiece. Drawing also at the contest dinner on Saturday night.

(Note: For those NOT attending Dayton - you may enter EITHER raffle by 
purchasing chances via PAYPAL to K1ZM at - but PLEASE NOTE - I must receive 
your order by MIDNIGHT May 18, 2005 Eastern Daylight Time - as I depart for 
Dayton the following morning and payments thereafter will not be accepted - sorry!  
You gotta act FAST on this if you are not attending Dayton!  If using Paypal, 
please be sure to include in the message text the words - FOR ACOM AMP  or 
for WRTC Travel Package - so I will know which raffle your payment is for.)

4) WRTC 2006 Official Teeshirts will be available - sizes L, XL and 2XL - on 
sale for $20 each 

5) WRTC 2006 Buttons - $2.00 apiece - These say "I Support WRTC 2006" and 
bear the colors of the official Brazilian flag - canary yellow and royal blue 

Thanks George for asking.

Cu on Friday night then.


K1ZM at

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