Topband: "Is your feedline also an antenna?"

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Tue Oct 4 14:36:57 EDT 2005

> Here we have a problem. After reading this comment, I said
to myself: "OK, I
> give up". The first switchbox I've built few weeks ago was
very simple and
> switching only the centers. All cables were sharing common
ground. Than,
> I've learnt from ON4UN book: "make sure you always switch
both the inner
> conductor and the shields (...)" This was confirmed by
other HAM's. So I've
> spent 2 more days rebuilding my switcher.

I would never switch a shield Mac. Never!

If switching a shield makes a change for the better it means
the cables are not connected properly at some end.

I cannot think of an exception to this.

73 Tom

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