Topband: Re Asian Jammer..

robert briggs vk3zl at
Sun Oct 23 20:02:37 EDT 2005

I find it very annoying to be subjected to this "new" interference so casually inflicted upon 
160 meter ham's world wide.As it is we have to tolerate random fishnet beacons and broadcast birdies all over the band.I wonder how the Ham's from the offending country feel about it.Guess they have even less chance to voice objection to the problem.
Last night the Jammer was running S8 at my location.If it is to become a permanent fixture then I guess a lot of operators will lose interest in the band.
I have always tried to work the "Little Guy's"when we have good condition's on 160 but this interferance will certainly put a stop to that.
Most dissappointing after 27 year's of continuous Topband operating..
Bob VK3ZL..

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