Topband: 3V8DLH 160m Operation

Rudi - DK7PE dk7pe at
Wed Feb 1 14:07:25 EST 2006

Hi Bill,

I am very pleased that we made it again on 160m!

I had permission to erect my TITANEX V160E on an "unused" football 
field. When the antenna was almost completed laying on the ground and 
ready to be pulled up, I was told that the field was needed for a 
soccer training during the whole week...  =-O

I decided to use one of the 20m high lamp towers instead. Together 
with a fishing rod it came to 32,50m and with a tuning unit it worked 
fine on 160m. The antenna now was even higher than the TITANEX.

It worked great and the 1300 Topband  contacts are the best proof for that.

For receiving I used a Beverage on the ground. It could be moved from 
JA to North America within 15 minutes. Also a receiving Coax Loop was 
used with good results. Unfortunately its Pre-Amp was blown up!.

It was real fun to work JA and even the West Coast USA.

CU on 160m!

73 Rudi - DK7PE

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