Topband: Contest conditions.

Alan Downing alan.downing at
Wed Feb 1 18:05:35 EST 2006

 " We have very limited spectrum with 
thousands of stations trying to squeeze into it. "

Not seriously taking part in the contest it was interesting to tune across the band with a 60. Hz band width filter and hear hundreds of Usa stations. Apart from five stations with a mixture of very bad clicks. some +/- five Khz and  phase noise. Who made no attemt to reduce / clean up there signal. It was possible to hear Asia / Usa within 300 Hz of some very strong stations.  If the stations that put up spots like .Deaf, no Rx were to actually  zero beat there signal to the person they were trying to work there Qso count would increase. It was interesting to hear stations getting frustrated because they could not be heard, some being as much as 1000Hz away from the station they were trying to work . Ive not got a problem with the thousands of stations trying to squeeze into it.  just the few that know they have a bad signal but make no attemt to Sort It.



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