Topband: contests

K9AY k9ay at
Thu Feb 2 10:54:03 EST 2006

While the discussion regarding contest rules and etiquette is useful, we 
need to remember that a contest is a competition -- and like all 
competition, it can get pretty intense!

Beyond the competition, there are many positive aspects that are often 
overlooked or forgotten...

* Increased activity -- both for the fun of it, and to show the world that 
we are using this valuable slice of radio spectrum
* WAS, WAC, DXCC and other award opportunities
* Incentive to improve station hardware and operating skills -- and a means 
of testing them
* A chance -- however briefly -- to make on-air contact with our friends

The 'problems' recently discussed are nothing compared to my disappointment 
that circumstances prevented me from operating the contest this past 
weekend. I really missed all the key clicks, bad behavior and QRM!

73, Gary

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