Topband: Noon time condx

jon jones n0jk at
Fri Feb 3 16:56:50 EST 2006

>I worked  W2GD at 1748 UTC  and signals were dropping. Earlier KE9I and 
>K8EA signals were very Q5 - S7/8 signals.  Something made the propagation 
>happen. Anyone have any ideas? - K1FZ

W4AN GA was fair copy to KS around 1700 UTC. I suspect the daytime 160M 
prop. is related to decreased D-layer ionization due to the lower solar 
angle in the winter.  WLW 700 Cinncy, OH, WBBM 780 and WLS 890 Chicago, IL 
have had good daytime signals the last 2 weeks. Probably notice the daytime 
prop. in the contest as high power big antenna amateur 160M stations operate 
in the daytime.

- Jon N0JK

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