Topband: FairRite Products 2873000202

Ford Peterson ford at
Fri Feb 3 21:12:36 EST 2006

> OK, I give up.  Who supplies the highly recommended FairRite Products 
> 2873000202 core that is used in all the matching transformers.  I would 
> like to try a few, but can't find them in the Mouser catalog.  Digikey 
> doesn't seem to carry them either.  Are you folks buying them from 
> FairRite direct?  It is curious that such a highly touted core is 
> invisible at the retail level!
> 73,
> Ken K4XL

A little company called Ocean State Electronics carries many popular styles of ferrites and iron powder cores in various shapes and sizes.  They are under Toroids in the index.

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