Topband: CQ160 SSB C6 Info W2pm at
Thu Feb 9 11:23:21 EST 2006

I received this from NE1B -- 
CQ de C6ANM:

I will once  again be operating at C6ANM in the Bahamas for the CQWW 160
SSB Contest on  24-26 Feb. We should have a good signal from our salt
water Quarter Wave  Vertical a few feet from the beach.  I will be on the
air starting 23  Feb thru 6 March including IOTA NA-054, Chubb Cay, Berry
Island Group on 1  March and ARRL DX SSB 3-5 March on NA-001 at New
Providence. Hpe to work u  all! 73 de Bill Barber
PS -  I will  have a NW Beverage and a ENE Beverage, each 500' unterminated.  
I hope to  run 250 w., the max for C6.  Thanks!
Bill- NE1B (C6AWB)
_wbarber at motorola.com_ (mailto:wbarber at 


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