Topband: Beverage Antenna Direction

Steve London n2ic at
Thu Feb 9 16:01:10 EST 2006

Phil Clements wrote:
> Trying to obtain the direction my Beverage is pointed; I went out at
> high-noon and laid a large protractor on the ground where the shadow of the
> Beverage wire crossed the shadow of the post holding the wire. Is this not
> the angle between true North and the Beverage wire? Is there a more accurate
> way to measure without expensive equipment? Am I totally out in left field
> on this?

High noon may not get you to true north - and, in fact, can be off quite 
a bit.  Without going into lots of theory about your longitude vs. the 
time zone longitude, and the equation of time, a better way is the take 
your sunrise and sunset times, and determine the time that is half-way 
between them.  Go out at that time and mark the shadow.

Steve, N2IC

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