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Fri Feb 10 06:51:56 EST 2006

K5ZK said, "However, if some of the guys who'd already worked a UA0 hadn't coaxed Vlad out of the shadows with their CD DX's, he might not have known how wide open the band was this morning. He worked several of the usual big-signal denizens of the band before setting up his own lemonade stand."
  I agree with him. There have been numerous times on top band when I was nearly ready to QRT because it was getting very late and I was working only an European now and then. (I don't need to stay up to the wee hours to work Europe.)  About that time, a North American "big gun" who had worked me before would call.  Rather than QRT, I would consequently stick around a while longer to see if I might hear more North Americans.  Sometimes, I heard no further North Americans, especially if the caller was someone like VE1ZZ, but often a good run of North Americans would be the eventual outcome.  Even when a run of NA contacts has ensued, many times a call from am already worked "big gun" after I have endured a long period with no contacts has encouraged me to keep trying a while longer.  
  So, many first timers got their contacts because someone who has worked me before was not shy about calling me again.  In my case, those guys are your friends.  No one seems to believe it, but I only hear one caller above the high noise at a time anyway, so they are not usurping anyone else's turn in the spotlight. That turn might not even happen at all without their showing me that the band could be about open well to North America.
  I have worked many of the top 160M DX'ers repeatedly.  It is nearly always when I am hearing no one else.  They help to inform me about conditions and keep me interested.  In my case at least, no one should get angry when they hear these hams call me for repeat contacts.
  Charles Lewis  - S9SS

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