Topband: Beverage Pointing

wa5pok wa5pok at
Fri Feb 10 20:05:32 EST 2006

I can only wish I had the problem of pointing a beverage. 
Unfortunately I live on a 60' X 90' city lot and I don't have the space 
for a beverage. The K9AY loop has been great for me. It is pointed 
to null noise.

To point a beverage or anything else:
1. buy a compass calibrated to the precision you require
2. go to this web site and obtain your magnetic declination for your
3. Use your compass to determine the magnetic North from your 
4. Add or subtract the magnetic declination.
5. Your direction is close enough for government (DX) work.

This has worked every time from any QTH I have occupied to point
beams, quads, dipoles, verticals,  etc. I hope this works for ya'll

73, Mike WA5POK

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