Topband: Class-E amplifiers for 160m?

Dick knaap159 at
Sun Feb 19 11:48:45 EST 2006

Hello all,

Meanwhile I got some information about the use of Class E amplifiers with
FET's on 160m,
by searching the web.
Unfortunatly I haven't found any complete (reliable) design yet.
I know that WA1GFZ published something in the nov/dec 2005 issue of QEX,
but I can not find that information in detail on the net.

Also find some info on , but these are devices around
300-400W only,
and it looks as if they are for AM purposes...

So, the question remains open: anyone with detailed info about class-E/low
cost solid state amplifiers
in the kW range around?

Dick, pa4vhf

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