Topband: Weak signal-fast CW

Greg Chartrand w7my at
Sun Feb 26 18:47:53 EST 2006

I was listening to the JD1 this AM as it was a country many still need to work. He was calling CQ at about 30 WPM with few takers. His signal was weak and the 30 WPM just made it worse for me. Many DXpeditions and contesters run their keyers up to 30-40 WPM even though their signals may be weak. 

I don't wish to single out the JD1 because there are so many that send too fast when conditions are punk. My question is, what is the ideal speed for weak 160 DX? I think (for me) its about 20 WPM. Any slower and the QSB gets in the way. Faster makes copy difficult when narrow filters are in use. Is there a consensus?


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