Topband: CW speed

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Mon Feb 27 08:28:44 EST 2006

> Having worked topband from various DX locations very high
QRN, I found
> the advantage of higher-speed CW under a few rare
conditions is you can
> copy more characters between 59+20dB "long hold" static

I don't understand how that would work.

We would also miss more characters during the long hold
crashes unless we used exactly the same overall time at
higher speed and filled it with repeats.

Statistically we'd lose the same percentage of characters
over time regardless of speed, until the speed becomes so
fast that the signal blurs in ringing. The only advantage
would be repeating more times and using the same overall

Myself, living in the QRN belt, I prefer a modest speed
(15-20wpm) during QRN season and slower speeds with very
weak signals on clear "white noise" winter days. High speed
never helps me copy a weak signal.

73 Tom

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