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Mon Feb 27 14:39:10 EST 2006

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'm sure  we are all different in what we like.

Dots are just very difficult to  copy. When I bust a
callsign, the number one thing is missing dots. The  worse
calls in the world to copy when weak are those with lots of
dots,  and that's true if the background is rough static or
smooth  noise.

The average lightning crash (including the start of  stepped
leader) is about 2 seconds long. This isn't a partial dit
length  at any CW speed, it is a letter or letters problem.

I think most people  on days when band noise is smooth prefer
slow to modest speed.  When  the QRN is rough, faster speed
would allow more repeats  in the same  time frame.

73 Tom

I know I am even slower on CW then a lot of you guys. I still try and  
someday will grow up and be a good CW operator. I like ops that slow down for me  
and 10 WPM seems to be good. I do not know why but I did pass the 13 wpm test  
with good copy. 
  I think for me others slowing down, understanding, and telling  others to 
stand by.
The one that got me was, trying to remember,  II5ISE or simular to  that. 

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