Topband: Weak signal-fast CW

Raoul Coetzee raoulc at
Tue Feb 28 04:45:19 EST 2006

Greg wrote:

>I don't wish to single out the JD1 because there are so many that send too
fast when conditions are punk. My question is,
>what is the ideal speed for weak 160 DX? I think (for me) its about 20 WPM.
Any slower and the QSB gets in the way. Faster
>makes copy difficult when narrow filters are in use. Is there a consensus?

I feel the same way.I have to admit that I have heard many a cq call at too
fast a speed on 160m, sitting in my qrn
and spending presious minutes trying to get the callsign of the caller.Many
times I deciced to let him carry  on calling
and not answering his call as I dont look forward to a difficult qso with
such a fast operator and the noisy conditions.Maybe he wanted ZS!
I think there must a lot of dx discouraged by high speed on many bands!I
think a speed between 17-23 words/min is fine for 160m with 20 about just
73 Raoul,ZS1REC


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