Topband: high power lowpass filter

Rick Karlquist richard at
Tue Feb 28 16:38:48 EST 2006

Dick wrote:
> Well thanks for the comments!
> If anyone has values for the right L, C (and capacitor voltage) for 1kW
> 160m
> low pass,
> than that should be very welcome!

You can look at the schematics for the Intech COM-1000 amplifier
on my web site (  Although it is very conservatively
rated at 1 kW, I run it at 1.5 kW all the time.

I reverse engineered the COM-1000 filters and figured out that they
are simply 7 element Butterworth designs, right out of the handbook.
The capacitors in the filters are large transmitting types.

Rick N6RK

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