Topband: Beverage versus K9AY versus short verticals

doktorij at doktorij at
Tue Jul 25 13:25:21 EDT 2006

Hello All,

I'm new on the list. I'm sarting to prepare antennas for the Fall and am contemplating adding a Rx antenna or two.

I have enough room to lay out a short beverage(s) of about 300'. I know it's not ideal for the top band (but may be fine for 80 & 40). It most likely will be a BOG as well with minimal seperation from the Tx vertical(s). Seperation may be as little as 10', definitely no more than 60'. I can probably lay three out, with two covering N/S & E/W, the other looking straight into Europe. 

My interest is more towards nulling competing US signals during various contests. Fortunately the QTH is relatively quiet related to other manmade noise (power lines, neighbors electronics, etc.)

Would I be better off with a pair of K9AY loops phased against each other? Last season I used a pair of 80M "Tees" to receive (they were fairly quiet, but basically omnidirectional as then configured). Once again, they will be very close to my Tx antenna.

Any experience on what plays better?


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