Topband: 6 months with 160 Antenna / LY2IJ report

LY2IJ ly2ij at
Fri May 5 14:44:34 EDT 2006

Hi Topabnders,

Last year before CQWW SSB I finally implemented old dream to use 80m 
high telecomunications guyed mast to hold Top band antenna for this 
winter season. Construsction had to be simple to install and I decided 
to put 3 dipoles between guy wires sloping down almost from top of it. 
That idea was initiated by K3LR's article in ~1998 QST magazine.
After all modifications and optimizations MAMMANA shows 7 dBi max gain 
at 18 deg elevation on average ground - at least 3 dB more than 1/4 
vertical on the same ground.
That latelly confirmed to be true while comparing to LY3UM signals, who 
lives just 6 km away (that caused enormous QRM between us for sure). 
Real antenna has resonance about 20 kHz higher than in calculations, 
but very wide bandwith, so it is no problem even on 1930.
Latter I remade swithcing box from 3 to 6 directions to cover gaps 
between directions - still not sure was ir worth or not.
First tests on air confirmed that antenna works, that telecomunication 
equipment including pulse reactifier do not QRM to me and my TX don't
disturb their operation. 
Ly3UM made me to put 3 Beverages to JA, USA and Caribeans after TX 
antenna was finished and tested in WWSSB and little by litle contest 
station idea tranfered to contest + DX station - I spent many many 
nights in that small metal equipment shelter. Everything were so new 
and it took time to start feeling station - e.g. it took 3 months to
finally realise, that TX antenna degradates Beveridge patern.

Results - arround 7000 QSOs in 6 months, 162 DXCC, 39 WAZ and 
46 states - missed LA, KS, ID and HI (lattest is most difficult path 
from LY - straith North). Time to start QSLing, but even without 
it 84 DXCC and 37 WAS already cfm on LoTW.

Best signals - SSB - KL7RA in WW SSB and - CW - ZL3ix on Feb 3 eveninging
Best days - Dec 24 opening to West coast - 79 JAs on Saturday in WW160 and 
first nigh in ARRL CW with 200 QSO in log.

So if you have accsess to GSM mast....     ... lot of fun. 

73 and CU 
Arunas / LY2ij

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