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Sun May 7 21:10:04 EDT 2006


Dear fellow hams,

The funding threat to the UK solar-terrestrial programme has been  
communicated by various ham radio resources including

Considering the feedback I have received from a number of scientists,  the
spread of information is indeed very much appreciated. I asked  myself how
radio amateurs may be encouraged to follow the scientists  request for
support letters. With an open letter addressed to the  chair of PPARC I
hope to create a platform allowing other radio  amateurs to join the
initiative very easily. The manuscript is  available at

At this point, I am requesting your support which means:

1) Read the open letter
2) If you can agree to it you are requested to send me an email  
specifying your full name, callsign, home town and, if available, a  web
address 3) I will place your name at the bottom of the open letter

Your contribution will hopefully motivate a large number of radio  
amateurs to sign the open letter too. If you wish to add additional 
aspects, thoughts and ideas to the open letter, please contact me as  soon
as possible.


On May 11, PPARC will have a meeting, as far as I know. Thus, if you  wish
to support this initiative, do not send your email next week, do  not send
it tomorrow but send it NOW.

Volker (DF5AI)

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