Topband: MA160V - Performance?

K5uny at K5uny at
Wed May 10 23:15:27 EDT 2006

Well the CC 160 meter vertical may be a compromise over any radial system and 
it may be a compromise to a degree in overall performance, but for some of us 
its a terrific solution. Especially, if you're one ham who is on a suburban 
lot, not acres of land, who doesn't have a 60 to 140 foot tower in the back 
yard to load up as a 160 antenna and above all, may be sorta short on cash. It 
takes ALL of the above to have a potent 160 signal, IMHO : )  !!  I'd just love 
it to get outta my backyard, and an L for me isn't the answer, I tried one and 
wasn't at all successful.  I am going to buy the CC 160 vertical, but plan to 
elevate it about 15 feet off the ground and use elevated radials. Comments??? 
                                 Alex  K5uny Dallas TX The Absolute RF Dark 
Hole of the USA.

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