Topband: The Gentleman's Band --- Its true!

RFD fdavis at
Tue May 16 08:02:44 EDT 2006

"A few months ago I decided it was time to apply for 160m DXCC .  I needed a bunch of cards to add to the LoTW credits to get me to 100.  One of these was for a QSO with UA9SHP in March 1986.   I looked for UA9SHP on the web etc but to no avail...his call was no longer active.  I emailed some recent Russian hams I worked in the 2006 Russian DX contest and quickly got a reply from several of them who identified that UA9SHP is now UA9TA in Orenburg OBL.   They forwarded Vlad Ghetmansky's mailing address and I proceeded to prepare the QSL request.  Since I didn't want to send greenstamps I needed a couple of the new format IRC's which I didn't have.  The card sat on my desk while I waited for the IRC's to arrive. 

    To my great surprise, about a  month after my initial inquiry to the Russian hams,...... I rec'd in the mail a direct QSL from UA9TA for my 1986 QSO with him as UA9SHP.!!!   Someone must have sent him my email or otherwise got the word to him that I needed that card for 160M DXCC.   Not waiting for my card to arrive he sent one to me in advance !   What a guy !!.....Goes to show that the users of the Gentlemans Band are indeed Gentlemen!  By the way on his card he indicates he was using 10 watts to an inverted Vee!  In reply I have sent my card anyway and the IRC's to reimburse him for the airmail postage from his QTH"

73 Frank Davis
160M DXCC 118 / 97

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