Topband: W1AW QSY on hold

Donald Chester k4kyv at
Thu Nov 2 20:02:01 EST 2006

>From: W2pm at
>It appears that, for the present,  there is no longer
>a plan to move.

>* W1AW 160-meter frequency change put on hold: QRX on that  W1AW QSY! W1AW
>has rescinded plans to change its 160-meter CW frequency and  will remain 
>1817.5 kHz for the time being. An announced change to 1807.5  kHz was aimed
>at reducing the possibility of interfering with DX stations  that have 
>showing up in the vicinity of 1817.5 kHz. "Lately we have  received more
>complaints about W1AW interfering with weak DX signals," said  ARRL CEO and
>W1AW Trustee David Sumner, K1ZZ.

Then where are non-DX CW QSO's supposed to take place?  I try to avoid the 
DX window above 1825 unless working DX, and even 1820-25 is active with DX 
when condx are good.  PSK31 and other digital modes are increasingly showing 
up below 1810.  For the past several years I have tended to operate just 
below the W1AW frequency. But if DX operation is starting to appear in the 
vicinity of 1817.5 and we are now urged to avoid that part of the band,  
where is there  left to go?  I suppose I could go above 1900 but I'd bet I 
could call CQ for hours on end on CW up there without a response.

Don k4kyv

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