Topband: V63DX will come soon de JH2RMU

Murayama now at
Thu Nov 2 20:35:40 EST 2006

Dear my 160m friend

I am Aki JH2RMU

V63DX(OC-010), His plan will go well.

He will QRV 13 Nov 18z -17 Nov 20z.
He will specially look for EU and EC USA on Top Band.
QSL via home call JA7HMZ.

Another Dxpied QRV start V63JQ on Nov.1
I do not know QRV on 160m.

I hope  that you will get V63 on TB.

By the way, I will visit 9M2AX Ross on 9 Nov.-12Nov.
I will be away for 4 days.

Thank you very much.
I hope to meet you on air or ON4' Chat.
GL 73!

De Aki  jh2rmu at

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