Topband: Use of an AM BC station antenna on 160meters

Charles Otnott wd5bjt at
Fri Nov 3 05:41:38 EST 2006


I have located a dark (read "cold iron" for us ole' timers) AM BC station
within a few hours driving distance from my location. The stick is a
single tower (omni pattern).

I would like to approach the owners to get permission to use their stick
during the upcoming 160 meter contest at this time, and for casual
operation later on. Has anyone on this reflector had success with a
project like I propose to do? If so, can some thoughts and suggestions
for a suitable letter to the owners be forwarded. Please send your
thoughts direct as not to tie up the reflector BW. I will post the results
of my project as they become available.

73 & Best DX


See September 2006 CQ Magazine for a published work.

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