Topband: short beverages

Jim Jarvis jimjarvis at
Fri Nov 3 12:00:44 EST 2006

Many thanks for replies, all.

If you're curious, here's how it distilled down:

*  Lots of experience with 250'-300' beverages.
	none in the 130-250' range.  

*  Some observed shorter beverages were better lower...
	even on-ground.

*  N2TK has done exhaustive work with pennants, ewes, AY loops
	and 300' beverages.  Observes that vactrol tuning for loops
	is important to improving s/nr.  

My plan:

*  Try a NE/SW beverage, BOG, along the back property line for 250'
	organize a 2 wire version, if possible, with switching.
*  Try a single rotatable AY loop, a la W2UP, with vactrol tuning
	to optimize s/n.
*  Research pennants and see what might fit on the property.

Now, to sort out the tx side of this problem.  THERE, I mostly 
know the answers, I just have to settle on one approach, and 
do the work.  Ground system first.  Ell or Tee to follow.



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