Topband: Non-DX QSOs, W1AW, etc.

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Fri Nov 3 16:16:39 EST 2006

> Just to provide a little perspective from across the pond. 
> DX operation
> below 1820 kHz has increased significantly since JAs were 
> allowed access
> to this portion of 160m (1810.0 - 1825.0 kHz). There is 
> considerable
> activity at JA sunrise, which of course tends to coincide 
> with east
> coast NA sunset.

There isn't any compelling reason W1AW needs to be on 
1817.5, and especially the SSB on 1855 is outdated. The 
practice of not listening before transmitting is what really 
causes most problems.

The CW signal is now much cleaner, but a move closer to an 
edge of a segment (like 1801, 1810.5, or 1839.5) would be 
better than 1817.5 for CW and something way up the band for 

73 Tom 

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