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Dave Court EI3IO at
Sun Nov 5 19:37:53 EST 2006

Eric Scace K3NA wrote:
> The DXZone quotation of the International Radio 
> Regulations cited in
> WA4FKI's message is obsolete.  The summary of regional 
> allocations is
> also over-simplified.

Hi All
The FCC pages also do not give the complete picture, at least for Region 
1 since there is an important footnote No. 5.96 of the Radio Regulations 
which is used in a number of countries to extend the band from 1850.0 - 
2000 kHz. To provide an accurate reference for those that are 
interested, I have attached the relevant pages from the 2004 (current) 
version of the ITU Radio Regulations.

However it should always be remembered that this is the global framework 
for spectrum allocation; individual administrations may or may not 
implement the ITU picture in full. Most countries now have a national 
frequency allocation table which provides additional details of the 
situation in their country.
73s Dave

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