Topband: BOG antenna-more info ?

Gary Marks gmarks at
Thu Nov 9 01:47:43 EST 2006

The ground around here is mostly sandstone, clay, shale and sand. The BOG could run about 270' in a straight line but that doesn't seem long enough even using a pre-amp. I'd like to use the whole spool of 500' but I would have to "zig-zag" it to use up the whole spool.  I could run it with one large radius starting towards the South and half way ending with the end of the wire pointing SSE.  This would cover approx. 100' additional feet for a total of 370' max. all running on the face of a long hill sloping uphill.  I would like to receive signals from all directions as I want it for DX and would like to hear all stations that are available. Maybe a set-up like this won't be much better then my TX antenna. What do you think ?


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