Topband: condx

Ryszard Tymkiewicz rtym at
Sun Nov 12 05:53:28 EST 2006

In spite of high K Index we had quite good opening yesterday to Pacific.
Around 17 UTC V63JY was with much better signal than V63UA with more power 
a few days ago,it seems  Japanese group has better  location to Europe.
They are transmitting from Chuuk Island which is slightly closer to our part of the World. 
V63JY,JQ,VE are going to be active till 13th November so still 2 days of a chance
for Europe .V63JY was using 1822 and 1824 kHz QSX up 3 or 1 down.
Also KH0/K3UY had nice signal yesterday after 1850 Z on 1824 kHz QSX up 1 and
they will be there more 3 days.

                      73 GL
                   Rys SP5EWY

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