Topband: GD3NKC/P and MD6V on 160

Dave Sharred dave at
Wed Nov 15 14:05:54 EST 2006

I will be making another trip to Isle of Man for the CQWW CW contest  (a
late decision).

I have many requests from JA for a special operation; I hope to be QRV on
the Friday evening , therefore; at GD sunset, and also JA sunrise; for DX. I
will try to be in the right places - maybe 1822 KHz. I will use GD3NKC/P
before the contest; MD6V during.

We will have beverage rx antennae for US/JA

I hope that we can be a new one for many more stations on 160!

QSL requests for either GD3NKC/P and MD6V  (and also MD4K!)  go to G3NKC.
Please be sure to include sufficient postage - $1 is now not enough for out
of EU  (but 1 IRC is !!)



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