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Wed Nov 15 21:47:07 EST 2006

Quoting K9AY <k9ay at>:

> The Rate Sheet would like to remind all Topband contesters that in
> the upcoming ARRL 160 Meter contest, DX stations ARE allowed to work
> stations outside the continental US if the station is sending an ARRL
> or RAC section abbreviation as part of the exchange. These stations
> may be contacted for QSO Point credit by DX!  This includes KH6
> (PAC), KL7 (AK), KP4 (PR), and KP2 (VI) stations.  Make sure your
> software treats these stations correctly and spread the word outside
> the US and VE. Thank you!

Gary,  the only way I could get to log any DX sing CT-Log(for the ARRL 160
meter contest) while testing solutions was to delete my call (KV4FZ) from the
CTY.DAT files.  This also means that every DX station (using CT-Log) wishing
to work any Hawaii, Alaska, or and U.S. Territory will have to delete every
such call from their CTY.DAT.  After the contest they should download a new
CTY.DAT file so as to restore the functionality of their CT contest program.

For ten years I have not been able to log DX contacts and presumed they were
not allowed for me.  When I call a European station during and early opening
the reply has always been an terse "Sorry No DX"!

IMHO the ARRL CAC needs to look to the Stew Perry Distance Challange when it
comes to designing a winner.


Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

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