Topband: Boring Cape report!

Raoul Coetzee raoulc at
Fri Nov 17 04:49:20 EST 2006

This mornings SR  produced  three  USA stations in the log after a call on
what I believed was a dead band:

K0PK , he was so strong I thought it must be a local, some deep qsb made me
ask for repeats of the call ,followed by N6TR, Tree, (therefore the title of
the message.)
with the same deep qsb and then K0RF also very strong, sounding whisteling
as the SR enhancement came to an end.
My SR is 03:35 but I started at about 03:25 and the band closed at 03:40
plus minus.

Thanks for qso's
73 Raoul ZS1REC.

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