Topband: Fire tower as support for 1/4-wave sloper

Dennis OConnor ad4hk2004 at
Wed Nov 22 07:47:39 EST 2006

Forget the sloppy sloper...
You have a nice support... What I suggest for a temporary antenna is a bent dipole, fed with coax... Use a 2x4 clamped to the tower to hold the upper end of the antenna 5 feet out from the tower... Slope the upper half of the dipole down to a support/tree, 8-10 feet high and roughly 100 feet out from the base of the tower... Your coax feed point will be within a few feet of this, one way or the other...  Continue running the remainder of the dipole straight away from the tower on the same compass line as the sloping half, maintaining the height off the ground...

Trim it to resonance at the lower end - not worth the effort to keep climbing the tower...  It will play nicely...  

denny - k8do

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