Topband: 33', 50', 60' inverted "L" comparison assistance request

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Fri Nov 24 14:21:44 EST 2006

Quoting Terry Conboy <n6ry at>:

> At 05:47 PM 2006-11-23, k3hx at wrote:
>> In preparation for the upcoming 160 meter contest, I'm trying to
>> decide if it is worth the effort to increase the support height
>> of the vertical portion of an inverted "L".
>> Case 1:  Vertical portion 33' tall
>> Case 2:  Vertical portion 50' tall
>> Case 3:  Vertical portion 60' tall
Terry,  if you can change the Inverted "L" to a balanced "T" configuration you
will see significant reduction of wasted radiation at high angles,regardless
of the support height senarios mentioned. In most cases the moving of the
vertical drop wire portion exactly in the center of the horizontal portion,
and with a modest radial system, will give you much better DX performance.  In
fact I have never heard of a single case where an inverted "L" will outperform
the classic Marconi "T" for topband DX purposes.


Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

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