Topband: ALA-100 Loop for 160

Kerry Rochester kerry.rochester at
Wed Nov 29 08:22:58 EST 2006

Hello everyone
I live 5 miles from a multi AM BC site pumping out 5 different stations with the following output powers: 1x400kw and 4x125kw. Further, more close in at 3 miles I have another AM BC station giving 23.5kw and 97.5kw. Fitting a BCB filter helped, but listening on the inverted l could still be hell.

By accident, while researching K9AY possibilities, I came across the ALA-100 active loop by Wellbrook I rang them and spoke to this guy Andy Ikin, who I found to be really helpful. We discussed my situation and he felt that an ALA-100 might better suit my purpose (and he sells K9AY set-ups too), what with the strongly interfering RF environment I live in. Well, the ALA-100 has arrived, and it does indeed suit my purpose. I am able to hear stations previously buried in noise when listening on the inverted l (the XF DX-ped being one of those stations). 

I wonder if anyone else has any experience in using this antenna for receive? Anyhow, at the end of the season I'll report back with more findings/results for those who are interested.

Best 73

Kerry - G0LCS - London

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