Topband: 160 mtr low signal - CW Pitch

Jim McDonald jim at
Wed Nov 29 12:43:38 EST 2006

One benefit of a low pitch is the relative difference of pitches when
operating in the presence of QRM.  If you are listening to a pitch of,
say, 300 Hz, and the QRM is 100 Hz from the station you are copying,
you'll hear the QRM with a pitch of 100 Hz, which is one-third of the
pitch of the desired signal.  If you were using a pitch of 600 Hz, then
the 100 Hz of the QRM would only be one-sixth of the desired signal, and
you could ignore the QRM easier, or so the theory goes.

Jim N7US

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CW pitch is a matter of preference. A significant number of guys favor
CW pitch on 160 because it seems to be heard better through the noise.
tried it and wasn't convinced, so I stay in the classic 750 Hz range.

A related issue (with pitch change or not) is to make sure your rig is 
zero-beat on the other guy's frequency. Lots of 160 ops use the
available filtering.


>I was just reading articles concerning low signal dxing and CW Pitch on the 
>160 meter band. Is there one pitch better than another
> for this?
> Here is what one well known Top Band DXer says:
> Note: I like a very low CW pitch of 270 Hz for very weak signal DX-ing.
> Please tell me what you think on this. I have an IC-775 es hit has pitch 
> control so it can be changed.

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