Topband: Distance From Tower

Bill Gaines AD8P ad8p at
Wed Nov 29 13:43:47 EST 2006

"how close to an existing 60 foot tower could the vertical component be placed without serious interaction?"

Jerry, I use this antenna with almost the same vertical length. It runs about 18" from the tower at the top and 4-5' away at the bottom. I have no interaction of which I am aware.

"For the horizontal "T" component, which would be better as concerns interaction.... arrange the "T" broadside to the tower?  Or have one end of the "T" pointing at the tower?"

Mine is set up as a dipole for 80 meters fed with open wire line so it is balanced on both sides of the "Tee" Additionally, I noticed a tremendous improvement in the performance of the antenna when I included 7 elevated 1/4 wave radials which zig zag all over my small city lot. 

Bill AD8P

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