Topband: Shielded receiving loop

Scott Long k8sm at
Wed Nov 29 15:22:06 EST 2006

Living on a city lot (40 x 120) can be a real challenge at times
on Topband.  I am searching for a receive antenna to help with
the noise.  I've been absent from TB for 7 yrs and just getting
back on.  I have an Inv-L for xmit and was looking for anyone
that has tried the shielded receive loop (5ft x 5ft) with my ICE
20dB preamp.  My normal noise level is S7, but it's more than
that right now since my neighbors have put out their Christmas
ornaments/decorations with moving heads.  Everytime they turn
these on I can see the noise level jump 2 s-units.  I have a
whole month to deal with the deer and bear nodding their heads!

Has anyone on here ever used the loop described in ON4UN's Low
band DXing book?  Can it be elevated or is best mounted on the
ground?  Space is an issue.

Scott, K8SM

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