Topband: Stew Perry Contest Plaque Thank You

Tree tree at
Wed Oct 4 20:16:58 EDT 2006

WS6X wonders:

> I just have one question for the awards committee: Was I the ONLY entry in
> that category?  :)

Nope - there were a handful of entries in this category - and at least 3 of
the scores were pretty close to yours.  

> I am now so inspired for this year's event, I plan to take down my 160M
> half-sloper and soak it for 48 hours before the contest in a bucket of the
> secret elixir I developed in the off season!

Just don't drink any of it during the contest.


PS: I guess I should thank the sponsors for my "best DX within 30 minutes of 
high noon".  That QSO was with - WS6X of all people (who obviously answered
my CQ).  Since we only give out one plaque per station, WS6X didn't get one
for that.  Gook thing KL7HBK worked ON4UN at 11:22 AM instead of 8 minutes

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